Unsure about how it went.


So as I mentioned yesterday, I had an informal job interview today. The boss of the company was very nice, professional and asked a bunch of tough questions (which is expected). I felt that I did ‘sell’ myself pretty well

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I scored a job interview for tomorrow!


As with anything in life, expect the unexpected and even then the unexpected will be something you never could have expected. Confusing right? Well thats life. Anyway I landed a informal job interview for tomorrow through a contact who recommended

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Amazing discovery – Ice cream bread!


So yesterday I was wathcing a random science show where they asked the viewers that, “what can you do with melted ice-cream, some self raising flour and a microwave? Well at first I thought it might be some cool reaction

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My all time favorite chocolate.


This chocolate is like the cocaine of chocolate to me. Its is heavenly and I cannot resist eating all of it if there just is some in front of me. Although I would generally say that Finnish Karl Fazer chocolate

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Sunny day out!

2014-10-17 16.08.36

Unfortunately I missed two days but I will catch up today. So Saturday was a sunny day finally. Decided to go out for a longer walk with the dog. It was roughly 2 degrees Cecilius but very calm so not

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Winter is coming.


Now that I am back up north for a bit, it has become evident that I forgot what cold was all about. Although temperatures are dropping day by day, it is warm compared to what it should be. Winter is

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The e-cig, good or bad?


I have been passively smoking e-cigarettes for a few months now (low nicotine level). And I have not noticed any major difference in my health or performance. I have never been a smoker by the way, it was just uni

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