Risking permanent hearing loss?


It has been clear for sometime that listening to loud music is bad for you in the long run. But where is the safe boundary? According to this recent study the limit is 85 decibels and no more than 1

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Versatile Blogger Award, thank you Petrel41!


Petrel41 of the blog Dear Kitty. Some blog has been so generous to nominate Kamakawida for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much! The rules of this award are: 1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded

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Samsung is my kind of phone.


Watched yesterday the promo video for Samsung Galaxy S6 and got excited. It looks sexy and if I have the resources I will most likely try to get one. I have had a Galaxy for the most part of my

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Took down yesterdays post.

Stairs to the past

What is too personal? Where does one draw the line when blogging? Well yesterday I think my personal boundary was crossed. Posted something which was too personal and realized a few hours later that I was not comfortable with it

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Dom’Up Camping in the trees – Soaring to new heights.


Innovative tree house that draws inspiration from tree camping and traditional tree house structure. Wouldn’t mind having one myself, looks very cosy! http://www.gizmag.com/domup-camping-tress/35986/

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Amazing! Lord Huron – Ends of the Earth


Was watching a series called Shameless (US version) and I heard this song at the end of the season. Fell in love as soon as I heard the chorus. Enjoy!

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Another beautiful track by John Forte, this time with Firehorse.


Brilliant track <3 enjoy

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