Knowledge based search engine for all those technical questions.


I am sure many know of this search-engine, however for those who don’t here is a very good one. We can find any sort of information on internet with just few clicks. Normally, we use Google Search or Bing

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Need a simple way to create flow charts?


Sometimes the common tools (MS Office for example) used for creating flow charts seem cumbersome and uncooperative. So here is a website I found which does this simply and effectively for free. Within a few minutes you will have your

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Back in the Sauna

Takeoff Djibouti

Its been a week or so again, even though I tried to get back into a steady rhythm of posting. Anyway that’s life :) So im back to the intense heat of Djibouti. Its not so much the heat that’s

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Catching up by posting pictures.


Having recently returned to the blogging world and as I mentioned earlier, I will be posting a series of pictures that have accumulated during my short break. The Pictures are not in any apparent order so don’t be surprised if

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KamaKawida Back To Life!


Greetings to all you lovely people! It has been a while since I last posted, over a month or so. Feels a lot longer th0ough because a lot has been happening since then. So, it really never was my intention

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Busy times.


This week has been packed with work so naturally I missed a few days of posting. I will be leaving the little hot oven that is Djibouti to Nairobi on Sunday for a few work related meetings. Cant wait because

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How to Fry electronics with one touch of your finger.


Found this vid a few years ago and was very close to trying to make one but never manged to get to it. This is till a project and goal of mine to make. Check it out!

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